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Seren and Golem at Ebay

Currently up at Ebay is starry eyed Seren... Seren is available here and you can see more photos of her at the gallery. Also available is "Golem." She's sort of a scrapped project in an attempt to convert Ghoulia into…

Snowflake at Ebay

Snowflake is now available at Ebay! You can find more photos of her at the gallery and pick her up at Ebay:

Kawai girls!

Lagoona and Spectra's face sculpts lend themselves for some variety due to the lack or less protruded eye lids so I thought I'd try out anime/manga style eyes on them. I love how Lagoona turned out and I can't stop…

Dancing Queen and a Sleep Over Party!

New girls are up on Ebay! Frost and Emily are having a sleep over party! Clawdeen:  Abbey: Slumber party! Catch a dancing queen! Find more photos at the gallery. Ebay:

Watch and Learn

I started repainting dolls after being exposed to Obitsu dolls. Obitsu dolls are known for their high pose-ability and affordable price and I picked one up to help me with figure drawing. It was inevitable that I would be exposed…

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