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Working on this girl has made me fall in love with Tonner dolls. I’ve always admired them from afar and now I really want to have one for myself!

She will be joining her sisters, Bonnie, Scary Skelitaand Skull Spectra. All of these girls were inspired by “She has waited too long” by make up artists Valériane Dousse & Clémentine Levy. This Tonner girl pulls off the look much better due to her realistic proportions.

If you ever wondered why there haven’t been any full body mods of Tonner dolls, that’s because their joints are so fitted that any painting done near the joints will result in chaffing. This girl unfortunately suffers from that. Fortunately there’s a bit of room on the neck in the front so the chipped paint is only really visible at the back of her neck.

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