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Lolli Dolli’s are super cute dolls designed and created by NZ artist Katie Wood. This was created as an art trade with her. After working on this doll, I have a new found appreciation for just how talented she is. Though the doll design is simple, the clothing and detail work she does is intricate and detailed. I just can’t match up to it.

This amigurumi doll has removable clothing. What’s great about crochet is that the fabric formed comes out very flexible. That’s how I managed to get the tiny clothing on her despite the ends of her limbs being thick. No need to worry about damaging the doll either since it’s pretty sturdy! She’s also wearing a Barbie sized shirt inside. She can actually wear Barbie sized outfits, preferably the ones that are cut all the way and secured with velcro.

I asked her for permission to be able to create an amigurumi version. This doll is not available for commission.

Please check out more Lolli Dolllies at Katie Wood’s DA account: [link] or her website: [link]

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