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Heath Burns is a side character from the Monster High franchise you could occasionally spot in the webisodes and the TV specials. He started out as that “annoying boy who flirted with every girl in school” but I actually started feeling sorry for him when the cast got a little bit meaner (e.g. even his buddy Deuce Gorgon doesn’t mind turning him into stone) when he gets a little carried away with his “flirting.”

It’s a little disappointing that none of the MH boys look anything like their doll counterparts. If there was ever an official doll released of him, he would probably one of the first to fit right in the default Monster High boy’s body type.

This was more of an experiment more than anything else, from his sculpted hair (made with epoxy) and using vinyl paint to recolor his skin tone. It was very tricky sculpting on soft vinyl even though the hard head caps on the CAM kits helped just a little bit to keep the hair stable. This was my first time trying out vinyl paint to repaint the skin tone and I do admit that it gave me better results than using acrylics or pastels. Fraying on the joints is still unavoidable and is particularly terrible around the hip joints, shoulder joints and the neck. His head occasionally gets “stuck” just a little bit on the neck joint but his hair fortunately allows you to get a good grasp of his head to let you pose his head very carefully.

This being my first time painting on vinyl paint, it was a little strange. The paint did not spray on as smoothly as I wanted so there are a few uneven patches and occasional tiny bubble holes. On top of the new “surface” it caught dirt and debris which was frustrating! That explains a little bit of the “dirt” that you can see on his face.


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