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Rochelle is one of my favorite sculpts to work with! I am partial due to her being a gargoyle but she is also one of the sculpts with large, wide eyes. She also has an unusual lip sculpt that looks as if she’s shyly smiling.

This was done as a trade with MonsterHighGuy. These photographs of Rochelle were also generously provided by him when she arrived home. He makes one of the best Monster High outfits I’ve seen. Check out his Etsy shop if you’d like to pick up clothes for your Monster High dolls. He’s also available for any custom work if there’s that outfit idea that you really wanted to have. Since he’s an avid cosplayer, I’m convinced he can do anything for doll clothes too! He’s absolutely great to work with!

You can also follow him on Tumblr here, or check out an archive of his past designs at Flickr.

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