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I’ve always intended to make her before Dead Master but I had to collect the parts necessary to put her together. I was planning to use Ghoulia at first but gave in to using SS Frankie. Frankie seemed more appropriate since Ghoulia’s sculpt was too sharp for a BRS girl.

She’s not that accurate and it took me a while to finally settle on a final version. The outfit was created by Cosmo Creative Corner (a.k.a. AMonsterHighGuy). She initially had cloth boots but I swapped it out for Ghoulia’s boots instead. The cloth boots look great but I worried that prolonged contact with the skin would stain her skin black. I attached the boots to a spare CAM leg so that the heels would attach properly and found that after removing, the legs had stained terribly!

The outfit is lovely since it comes with a functional hood and her signature jacket looks really cool!

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