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Watch and Learn

I started repainting dolls after being exposed to Obitsu dolls. Obitsu dolls are known for their high pose-ability and affordable price and I picked one up to help me with figure drawing. It was inevitable that I would be exposed…

Major restock on items at Etsy!

Be sure to stop by at my Etsy shop! There's a huge restock on several amigurumi keychains, plush and chibi charms! I'll be adding more items slowly in the next few days so make sure you check the shop regularly.

Commission prices updated

Due to rising material cost, and sometimes due to how scarce they are, I've updated my commission prices for doll repaints. If you haven't already, please check them out here. I've also started to offer larger sized plush for amigurumi…

Haukea’s up on Ebay!

 My latest custom MH, Haukea, is now available at Ebay! For more photos, please see the gallery. She's the first gal to get rooted lashes, and probably will be the only one for a while.

Dead Master

[frame align="left"][/frame] A Black Rock Shooter inspired Monster High custom. You can pick her up at ebay here: I think I'd like to make more of them... Oh if only I had superior sewing skills!

Red Letter Media amigurumi

[frame align="left"][/frame] Red Letter Media is auctioning off items to help raise money for their next project, “Space Cop.” I donated a bigger version of Mr. Plinkett (with mewing cat) and a Jay and Mike (Half in the Bag). They’re…

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