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No Nap Time is a one-woman business run by me: Angela Juarez. I’m an independent artist who occasionally draws comics and writes crochet patterns. I also run the No Nap Time website, online shop, ship orders, answer questions, write tutorials, basically everything that you see with the word No Nap Time or “PeriwinkleImp” attached to it.

Why No Nap Time?
The phrase “No Nap Time” was coined from a sound file that a friend used as his ring tone of his kids yelling “No Nap Time!” when they were asked to go to bed. We were part of the graveyard shift which made the ring tone all the more appropriate.

I had rekindled an interest for crochet and the phrase just seemed to capture the silly, random and playful nature of the handmade presents I used to make for my friends. Late shifts and insomnia lead to crazy thoughts and ideas which later inspired many No Nap Time creations such as the Mr. Plinkett Playset, Kyubey, Baby Goblin, Ungawa the Ogre, and unusual items which shall not be mentioned.

When I had decided to leave the relative safety of the corporate world, “No Nap Time” became a natural choice for taking on an independent business.

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