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Repaint Story: Rochelle Goyle

Due to popular demand, I’ve documented my repainting process! I chose Rochelle as subject as a callback to the repainting process articles I wrote several years ago:

The experience was extremely frustrating as it was one thing to “paint” and another thing to make sure that the process was actually captured on film. It took a lot longer to complete Rochelle but I did manage to capture the process on film! It’s not a cake walk and you can view all 30 glorious minutes of it below:

I don’t think I’ll ever do something like this again. Rochelle has been adopted but below are photos for viewing:

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  1. Wow! Your repaints are gorgeous! I’m about to start my first project on a Cleo doll that got into a bit of an accident involving a spalsh of acetone. High class ghouls such as her really should leave that stuff alone… but since her makeup is utterly ruined, I promised her that I’d try to fix it. Your tutorials have been great! Thanks! //Nennen

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