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Picco Neemo: Of heads and wardrobe

Last time, we talked about Azone’s Picco Neemo bodies. Since they’re relatively new, there aren’t a lot of heads available to use for customizing. Obitsu’s 11cm head was a good candidate but had to be modified in order for it to be compatible with Picco Neemo’s neck knob.

The result was chibi Usagi!


Usagi’s head was dipped in an acetone bath for 10 hours in order for it to shrink down to size. Keep in mind that acetone baths are considered an experimental process so results may vary.


A downside to soaking vinyl heads in acetone is that due to Plastecine loss, the only way to take the head off is to soak it in hot water to soften the plastic. Chibi Usagi’s head had become so stiff that it’s similar to the feel of the plastic used for the Picco Neemo’s bodies.


The only other Obitsu head compatible with Picco Neemo bodies is the W-04/14 HEAD TYPE. The head was designed for the 27cm bodies. Fortunately, the neck hole for these heads are tiny that it doesn’t have to undergo an acetone bath. However, the chin is too long to work for the body so some sanding is in order.


Normal W-04/14 HEAD TYPE on the left. Modified W-04/14 HEAD TYPE  on the right.

Now that we know which heads can be used, what about clothes? What if you don’t want to sew? Below are some examples of outfits that work for Picco Neemo bodies:

As skinny as Monster High bodies are, Picco Neemos are so tiny that they’re still a loose fit. Monster High Little Sister tops fit like shirts with a bit of a wide collar while regular Monster High tops look like dresses but are often loose at the top. All Bratz Kidz clothing are compatible with Picco Neemo bodies but the tops tend to expose bellies.


For additional references on other clothes that fit Picco Neemo, check out these galleries:

Know any other heads compatible with Picco Neemo? How about clothing? Please share in the comments below! =)

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  1. I actually found a doll from Poundland who’s head has worked quite well on my Picco Neemo. Her head was small to start with and has only gone through one acetone soak for her neck to fit.

    Its probably still a tiny bit big to be realistic but I don’t think I could do a face up that small hehe

    I found a knitting pattern someone did for Picco Neemo but I still have to try it out

  2. Hi,
    I have several Picco Neemo dolls. Finding clothes has been challenging. I have used some tops from mini bratz dolls as well as Bratz kids. Often I modify barbie clothes, that is if you can sew.

    I eventually ended up buying a Dolly Dolly pattern book. They have Picco Neemo patterns there for tees, jeans, shirts.

    For shoes, I use the boy Matel Tommy sneakers. The kelly and Chelsea shoes are a bot big especially is they are sandals. The boots work well. I also decided to experiment and make a pair of biker boots and beaded moccasins. I also have a photo tutorial for Toms shoes for Picco Neemo dolls on my Instagram feed “Allieshouse”.

    As far as heads, there are a few that fit the Picco Neemo S and M. I used Rockflower doll heads, Bratz mini doll heads (customized) and Disney mini princess doll heads. All of them can be customized. You can also see these heads on my Instagram feed.

    Hope this helps some of you out. Ya have to be real creative with such a tiny body but I’m determined to eventually have a nice wardrobe for my girls.

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