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Apoxie Sculpt: Rosalie

A few months back, I revealed a few modded dolls in progress using Apoxie Sculpt. If you don’t know what Apoxie Sculpt is, read all about it over here!

Meet Rosalie!


This buxom babe was modeled after anime character, Super Sonico. Sonico was a mascot for a Nitroplus-sponsored music festival back 2006. She has since been developed into a media franchise and even got her own anime show back in 2014.


Like Cherry from Studio Killers fame, Sonico has a very curvy and attractive figure.

Many dolls are designed to have thin figures for the practical reason of accommodating fabric. Doll clothing is designed so that they “look good” while worn so that when nude many dolls have ridiculously thin waists and thighs. In recent years lots of advances has been made in textiles so we have thinner fabrics which translate to better looking, more convincing scaled down outfits… and allowing doll figures to look more natural, less coat hanger! Which brings us to possibly getting more variety in body shapes and sizes? Yes?

From a manufacturing point, it’s just easier and economical to have a standard body type. This allows dolls with varying face sculpts to share or swap outfits. The more variety in body shapes and sizes, the more complicated (and expensive) the resulting dolls will be. It’s equally frustrating to create varying outfits for each and every body shape and type.

I am especially fond of exploring the “reality” of toys or figures like when Freeny began creating cross sections of popular toys.

More info: | Facebook | DeviantArt | Twitter (h/t: demilked)

And especially customs that mimic the factory look like Dr. Frankenstein’s customs:

Custom Dolls by DoctorFrankendesign

Hence, Rosalie was born! It was important to make the sculpt look smooth and hide the seams. Painting the sculpt proved much more difficult; even though I could match the skin tone color, the body turned out to be semi opaque so that the outline of the painted sculpt stood out in some lighting or when viewed from certain angles.

Check the images in the cut below!

Doll Nudity

Where the sculpt begins is visible due to the somewhat opaque nature of the plastic used on the body.


In most lighting situations, the sculpt looks natural.IMG_0253

Almost invisible seams!


The painted layer is much more prominent from the sides.


A bit of dolly posing!


You can almost ignore the pancake shape of the doll sculpt because it works really well with the new body.




Rosalie is a huge improvement compared to my initial run with Amelia:


Keeping the painted surface as thin as possible helps the illusion that the added sculpt is part of the original body.

Genderbent Draculaura is still in progress because modifying an entire torso is much more severe and tedious to work with. She/He’ll have to wait a little bit longer.


I’m really happy with how well Rosalie turned out. Hopefully future sculpts can look a little closer to Cherry’s (Studio Killers) figure.

Here’s more Rosalie pics! She’s available at Etsy.

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  1. Looks so cute! I love the natural sag look you gave her bust :3
    Any advice on how to get the color of the boobs as close to the doll skin tone as possible? Paint or pastels? I’m going to be doing Briar Beauty. Her skin is a bit darker

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