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Experiment: Callista an EAH/MH hybrid doll

After working with a few Ever After High sculpts, it struck me just how similar they look to Blythe’s sculpt. Ever After High faces look like Blythe heads without the inset eyes and a slightly poutier lip sculpt.


Blythe is a precursor to big headed dolls like Pullip. Blythe can change her eye color and lacks eye brows which gives her an ambiguous look like that of the Monalisa.


She looked so weird without the eye brows when I tried to mimic the style. I settled for a more stylized and cartoony version since the EAH sculpt was just a little flatter than Blythe’s sculpt.



In keeping with the proportions, the smallest body I could find was that of Howleen’s from Monster High. Briar Beauty and Howleen happen to share a perfect skin match.


Briar can now do neat poses like holding swords…


…Taunting you with 1/6th scale food.


… Advertising soy sauce and skateboarding!


Callista can now wear outfits and accessories compatible with the Little Sister Monster High body and some EAH/MH style shoes. Briar’s loafers are too big for her feet but they still fit snuggly.


Callista is available at Etsy!

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