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Cyclops, Radioactive Porcelain doll and Jellyfish

Using Pearl Pigment on dolls is just wonderful. It’s a substitute for glitter when scaling down a specific look for dolls.

Blue Barbie  Summer  Noir

I wanted to experiment about it a little bit which resulted in Serafina.


It was tricky to maintain the 3D effect of the cracks against the pearl powder and I’m glad it all worked out in the end. Pearl powder has a tendency to make the surface that it’s on very flat due to its reflective quality.

I usually stay with one color because using too many combinations can look really busy and messy. What better way than to try it out on a jellyfish inspired design?


Chrysaora’s design is based on the Black Sea Nettle Jellyfish. The style itself was inspired by PixieCold’s beautiful watercolor eye art.


“Lover” by PixieCold.

However, there are times when you have to modify the sculpt itself to get a specific look.


A cyclops girl for instance. Nepthys‘ eye is a lot larger than the traditional almond shape.


I loved the round eye shaped for Polly so I wanted to try it out on Lagoona’s sculpt.


Serafina, Chrysaora and Nepthys are all available at Etsy!

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