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An Exercise in Asymmetry

We are surrounded by symmetry and patterns, both natural and man-made. It’s something of an obsession for most artists when working on composition. This is why a character like Frankie Stein is interesting due to her use of asymmetry in a lot of her designs.


Cecilia and Rhea are something of a study in asymmetry for me as it’s something I don’t usually try out. It’s difficult to find a balance between two opposing patterns and still have them work together.



Cecilia was the result of wanting to try something out with a sampler hair I received from RetroDolls USA. I received a hair blend that looks like Midnight Blue with tinsel. It looked gorgeous but I just didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I’m not sure if the blend is something RetroDolls usually carries but it’s currently available at their UK website.

I didn’t like the tinsel that was used on MH dolls since they had a tendency to “misbehave” and just be all over the place but with the RetroDolls variant, I was able to control it with hot water which is promising. I like the way it looks so I might try it out on other dolls in future.


I wanted to try the split wig hair style with heterochromia. Having seen a lot of Tokyo Ghoul lately, I wanted to try the design out on Twyla.


I was going to go for a scary look but she was just so sweet looking I just settled for Kawaii Goth.


Cleo has the distinction of being one of the few sculpts from Monster High that is severe, not sweet at all.


The result is that you get bad-assery! In keeping with the split-wig theme, I tried out a similar pattern to what was used for FCA Lagoona’s hair style.


The result is a beautiful textured effect when combined with curls. Rhea has reddish hair with dark browns underneath.

Here are more photos of the asymmetry duo!

Cecilia and Rhea are currently available at Ebay.

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  1. I CANNOT get over Cecilia’s left eye. I thought it was inset somehow! It’s so amazing I have been staring & studying it for quiet awhile now and when I realized it was painted like that…I was flabbergasted. Not that it would’ve been an easy feat or even POSSIBLE to have created an inset to that degree! I was ‘referred’ to your website via Dollightful on YouTube. I can’t wait to see what all you have on here.

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