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New dolls at Etsy!

Frankie, Clawdeen, Heath and Rochelle have gone through make overs and are currently available at the Etsy shop!


I’ve found myself painting the same exact face for a lot of dolls so this group is something of a deviation.


Didn’t like Heath’s helmet hair? His sculpted hair is actually pretty good but Heath has the kind of personality where you just want to tousle his hair. XD

It’s been years since that first Heath experiment and I’m still glad we got a real doll version of him!


We know you’re waiting for Abbey at the Coffin Bean, Heath. We know. If you’re still looking for a date for your lonely Abbey, consider picking up this new Heath!


Clawdeen’s sporting flirtier glass eyes.


Frankie’s trying out some subtle shoujo eyes. IMG_2498

Rochelle continues to steal hearts with her killer puppy dog eyes. You’ll do anything for her! Eyes so damn cute even Kyubey will start to have emotions.


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