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Aislin at Etsy

I tend to keep my repaints simple so that they aren’t restricted in the wardrobe department to match with their color schemes. When it comes to Monster High dolls it’s challenging since their wardrobe has to contrast or complement their skin tone.

I wanted to try something new, something with more color, something with texture. Color scheme be damned!

Then I found this beautiful gem!

Model: Julia Icone. MUA: Amanda Marsala. Photographer: Laura Bello

I’ve never tried anything like this before so I thought I’d try it on Spectra. The color scheme fits with her wardrobe and “texture” wasn’t something I’ve ever tried yet. The result was Aislin.


It was a huge ordeal to pull off forced perspective… and to do it so that the effect looked good from all angles! I wanted to retain the sparkle of the image that inspired this look with Pearl powders but it caused a lot of the forced perspective to fall flat!


Fortunately, with the help of some Liquid Fusion I was able to get the desired effect. With a few strategically placed Liquid Fushion on the “dripped” areas, the illusion works!



I gave her glow in the dark eyes since it seems to fit the theme but I’m not sure I’m happy about glow-in-the-dark paint’s tendency to have this powdery look no matter how thin you apply it. The little “specks” seen up close are what makes it possible for her eyes to glow in the dark.



Pearl powders don’t photograph very well but they’re really lovely in person. Her eye makeup is a blend of purples and blues with a light blue shimmer. Pearl powders sort of have a dual tone to them so that they look different depending on the angle or lighting.

Check out more photos of Aislin at the gallery. She is available at Etsy!


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  1. She’s lovely and I like the color palette you’ve chosen… I think you captured the essence of the original photograph very well. Weather permitting I like to try my hand at repainting, too… but I’m just learning. Anyway, I want to one day make a crying-eye-make-up-running-down-her-face doll and this doll greatly inspires me… nice work, as always.

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