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Rudaba and Sakura at Etsy

To be honest, I’m still not a fan of the EAH head sculpt. However, they do make a perfect blank canvas that opens up possibilities to a wider range of styles to try out on dollies! As such, I decided to try my hands on EAH girls again!


You might have spotted her somewhere on Tumblr!  I usually like my dolls to look simple for the utilitarian reason of making it easy for them to swap clothes and not have their makeup limited to a specific color scheme. In a way, Sakura’s an attempt in trying out a different look, seeing what “face paint” looks like on a doll were she to paint her face in a spur of the moment!


Just look at her! So cute! See more photos of Sakura at the gallery and catch her at Etsy!


Rudaba is based on a Persian variant of Rapunzel’s story. A blonde Rapunzel is the staple of popular media so I thought it would actually be cool to have a raven haired Rapunzel! In truth, Rudaba is based on an Egyptian variant I read a long time ago but I can’t quite remember all the details so I’m naming her after the Persian version instead. =P


Check out more photos of Rudaba at the gallery and catch her at Etsy!


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