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Workspace Wednesdays: TENTACLES!

You may be wondering why there is a sudden influx of… tentacles here at No Nap Time. These tentacles were inspired by “Awoken” by Serra Elinson. “Awoken” is a lot like Twilight with Cthulhu mythos involved (and better written, more entertaining in a lot of ways).

Awoken Fanart
You should’ve invited him to the party, Andi!

If you haven’t read Awoken, I highly recommend it! The Kindle version is only $4 at Amazon as of writing this article! There is something special about “Awoken” other than being another fantasy-romance-YA book. If you’re curious, you should follow its inception through BYOA’s channel. Caution: SPOILERS!

Having been re-introduced to the Cthulhu mythos has inspired me to make a few tentacle related items for the shop, such as these tentacle scarves.




These things are great! They’re warm and they look really stylish. They’re unisex too! I’m still fine-tuning the design, but a pattern is in the works as well as more scarves for the store. These things are a bit tedious for me to create but watch the shop (or social channels) for listings!

I’ve also tried to develop a tentacle-inspired hair barrette. I figure these things would be better if they were plastic cast for durability.


I’m not used to making casts so these guys are going to have a lot of imperfections. I’m okay with it since the result looks a bit more organic. If you guys like these, I’ll consider making a few more.

I’m not sure what the standard way of attaching a barrette is to a sculpted piece so I’m sorta figuring that out too. At this time I’m considering attaching via Apoxie sculpt which is indestructible and keeps the ornament lightweight. I’ll probably attach others with glue instead.


There are currently two designs: A) The traditional tentacle curl, B) Sucker-facing variant. I would really appreciate it if I could get feedback on which would be a better design to replicate or if both should be available.


These tentacle barrettes are still going to be OOAK since they will be individually hand painted by me.

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    1. I don’t make them on commission due to how long it takes for me to complete them but I occasionally list some at the shop when I happen to have time to complete one. ^^;

  1. Wow!! That looks AMAZING!! 😀
    I think both would be could to have available because if someone wants two (or more) but with a bit of variant then you’re golden 😉

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