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WIP progress: Sonico and Rerooted Heath

A few weeks ago, I posted a sneak peek on a Sonico custom using EAH’s Apple White. She’s coming along really well!


I wanted the alteration to look as natural as possible. Despite an attempt at an accurate color match, the sealant makes the brush strokes obvious. Still looks good though! Since Sonico’s body mod is successful, I’m hoping other body mods in the works are going to turn out as well.


I’ve also been working on a rerooted version of Heath. Not sure what to name him but he looks like the sort of guy who’d serenade you. XD


I don’t feel that Heath’s default outfit does him justice so I’m trying to put together a custom outfit for him. He’s rerooted with some color changing hair from Dollyhair (the orange part). I like his face sculpt so much I didn’t think it was necessary to give him facial hair.

There’s a Rochelle, another Invisibilly and P-chan Parabox girl in the works too! Hopefully I can finish Invisibilly in time so I can pose him with Heath over here.

The gorgeous bookmark was made especially for me by Kabocha!  It was hand drawn and painted with shiny watercolors. It’s unfortunate that the sparkles aren’t showing up in the photograph but they’re so beautiful in person! You can check out more of her bookmarks and follow her instagram account here! She’s currently taking commissions for anyone interested (for a limited time so go for it!)

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