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Repaint Story: Invisi Billy

Aside from Heath, this was the only other character from the Monster High boys I really wanted to have.

Bampf! You give those ladies out there that smoulder, Invisi Billy!

Invisi Billy is something of a departure from the “Mansters” we’ve seen so far since he’s the first to have actual rooted hair. I really love the outfit and accessories he comes with since it looks a lot like what a student would normally wear. Most boys don’t care that much about fashion. THANK YOU, MATTEL!


Everything about this guy; sculpt, accessories and all are perfect for me except I would have wanted his eyes to be a little smaller. I wouldn’t have wanted to alter him at all if it weren’t for how huge his eyes are. I know that it’s intentionally the style or the look for the character but I’d like to reduce his eye size just a little bit.


Unlike Heath, he’s got protruding cheek bones much like Spectra and skin color that matches with Lagoona Blue (yay!). Heath and Invisi Billy’s sculpts have a lot in common but I still prefer Heath’s.


Invisi Billy suffers a bit in having such a small mouth and huge eyes. The effect works really well for girls but not so much for boys. Hence, the magic of facial hair!


If your Ghouls are feeling lonely, Invisi Billy is available at the Etsy Shop!

 Correction 9/10/2014: Invisi Billy isn’t the first MH boy to have rooted hair, it’s Jackson. =P I still think he was the first to wear something that is usual for a teenage boy.


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