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Catty Noir and company at Etsy!

I’ve put it off for a while now… but I finally took the plunge and tried to repaint Catty Noir! She’s really lovely in person in all her shiny, frilly, pink glory.


With her are Nila (Abby), Lucy (Frankie) and Ivory (Catrine DeMew). I don’t paint side-glancers very often but they are a lot of fun to photograph.


I like Abbey and Frankie together. These two were intended to come as a pair. They’re plotting trouble.


See more of Nila over here and Lucy over here.


At first I thought all werecats shared the same sculpt… so it was a surprise to find out that even werecats have unique face sculpts!


The variant is very subtle but it boils down to Catrine having wide, thin eyes with a short gap between the eyes and a long face; Catty Noir has smaller eyes, a slightly wider gap between the eyes and an angled chin (which I really like). Both were a challenge to work with since Catrine attracted dust and dirt like a sponge because of her fair skin while Catty just absorbed light.


Check out more Ivory here and Noir here.


These lovely ladies are now available at the Etsy shop!

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