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Repaint Story: “R”

Warm Bodies is the Romeo and Juliet of Zombie fiction. I don’t want to spoil anyone who might not have seen it yet but you could watch Red Letter Media’s review below.

These guys might not have liked it that much but I did. All other movies out at the time were dark and brooding. Warm Bodies comes out of left field and was surprisingly good-natured, corny but sweet.

Meet “R”, the protagonist of Warm Bodies!


Played by the adorable Nicholas Hoult.

I could stare at those baby blues forever…

Tonner does not disappoint with the sculpt and accessories that he comes with. The detail in his clothes are impeccable but the factory face leaves something to be desired. The hair is also really well cut but needed a bit of styling.


I didn’t realize until after I was moving his hair away in preparation for the repaint that his side burns were painted.


Wipe it! Wipe it all off with acetone!


Tonner doesn’t disappoint. I’m not sure if this is one of their default sculpts or if it was especially made for this character but there is a strong resemblance to Nicholas Hoult.


As I was looking through photos of “R” for reference, his makeup seemed inconsistent in several shots. Sometimes he has subtle facial hair, most times he didn’t. There were scars or scrapes that would disappear or move just a little bit. I’m actually not sure if he wore contacts as a Zombie or if the makeup just made his eyes that much brighter than usual.


I styled his hair with hair conditioner to give it that stringy, tousled look. He may be a zombie but at least he smells like flowers.


Creating portraits on a 3D canvas is very challenging. There are a lot of times when you can be flexible with a sculpt and other times when the sculpt dictates what you can and can’t do. This Tonner sculpt was great but I would have wanted the brow region a little less pronounced. Perhaps it was done deliberately to cast deep shadows on those eyes.


See more “R” at the gallery and thanks for watching!

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