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Repaint Story: EAH Cupid

The Ever After High dolls come with gorgeous outfits and accessories but I still can’t bring myself to like the bland looking sculpt. They’re flat, they’re round, but those same qualities happen  to be perfect for doe-eyed shoujo girls!

Remember Makoto Takahashi? If you aren’t familiar with that name, you probably have seen his artwork used on pencil cases, trapper keepers, fabric or even coloring books.


See a collection of Makoto Takahashi’s illustrations at Pinterest. If the EAH head molds were just a little bit longer, they actually look very similar to Makoto’s style as seen from the outline.

I’m using less watercolor pencils and going back to using more paint. It’s easier to get finer lines using a brush.

I applied the blush using makeup sponges and watered down acrylics. I’m glad it worked out because this is promising for brush on sealants!


On to applying flats…


Aaaaaand sparkles!


And now we’ve got a Shoujo-fied EAH Cupid!


See more of Cupid at the gallery and pick her up at Etsy.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I had actually thought of trying to do something like this with the EAH dolls, but my skill level is not even remotely close to yours! I’m sorry if you’ve gone over this before, but what paint brushes do you use for fine lines?

    1. The brush I use varies. I sort of thin out my own brushes so it’s hard for me to answer that question because I honestly don’t know. ^^:

      Buuuut, if you want to get fine lines, try to get brushes 18/0 or 20/0 size. I vary between a detail brush and a liner brush (longer bristles). DollyHair is selling an 18/0 liner brush and you can usually find detail brushes at any Hobby Store that sells Warhammer supplies.

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