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Repaint Story: EAH girls take 2 with Elsa

I’m still not a fan of the EAH sculpt. They’re round and very flat. It reminds me a lot of the man in the moon face.

However, they do come with very lovely skin tones and sculpts that could almost rival high end / shapely bodies made by Volks or Pure Neemo.  My only complaint is that by making the bodies thicker and more shapely than Monster High, areas that were thickened like the shin and shoulder joints have a lot of friction. It’s not that the joints are too tight, it’s that the sculpt is somewhat boxy or uneven that there’s a lot of friction between parts. This causes EAH bodies to lose a bit of movement and pose-ability compared to the Monster High bodies.

Because the sculpt is so plain, it can look very well with some creative blushing. The eye sockets allow for more variety in eye shapes. We’re going to attempt to convert an Apple White into Frozen’s Elsa!

Not only does her fish tail braid look gorgeous, it smells like flowers. *sigh*


Apple White is a perfect base for Elsa. They have the same exact skin tone and hair color.


I started sketching out a rough of Elsa’s eyes and expression with watercolor pencils.


The sketch was later finalized by making an outline of the eyes, eye brows and lip smirk by painting.


Next, blush was applied and defined using pastels and watercolor pencils.


There isn’t a lot of opportunity to use a spray sealant during cold weather so instead of sealing the blush work, I went ahead and worked in the rest with more painting.


Little nooks and crannies were further defined with more painting.


I’m so relieved that I didn’t ruin the blush work during the painting ordeal. As soon as Elsa was done, all that was needed was to wait for the paint to dry and the next available opportunity to use the spray sealant!


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