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A Lalafell and his Chocobo

Fans of the latest installment to the Final Fantasy franchise will enjoy this duo!


A lalafell summoner and his spellbook. Final Fantasy items are ridiculously ornate so I opted to make a handmade bound book instead of working it in crochet.


Lalafell and Meteo.image-min

Lalafell and his trusty Chocobo mount love Sailor Moon!


Lalafell seems to be teaching Anthro Meteo a few spells…

Photos courtesy of Hellonall! You can check out more of Lalafell and his Chocobo here, Anthro Meteo here, and the Carbuncle over here.

Hellonall commissions many artists to bring his original characters to life. I’m very honored to be one of those artists! Please check out his Deviant Art Gallery to see more of his collection!

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