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Repaint Story: Vivi

You may have seen this unusual reroot around and I was given the opportunity to repaint her.


This beautiful Robecca reroot was created by Mike Valentine. I am in awe of just how he was able to do this. I didn’t even know you could reroot using wires. The new look reminds me a lot of wrought iron art, delicate and strong. That’s exactly how it feels too!

Where does one even start?

IMG_9704Since I use a matte sealant as a starting layer, I didn’t want any of it to get on her hair just like I would if she was rerooted with the usual string type fiber. I had to use a lot of masking tape to make sure that it covered most of her hair as much as I could.

IMG_9703I had to be really careful to make sure that the tucked masking tape wasn’t touching any of the vinyl so that the sealant would settle properly.


I couldn’t document most of her actual repaint process because I’m always careful to make sure I am not squishing her wire hair underneath. This called for a lot of paintbrush work and there wasn’t opportunity to photograph in between.


Paintbrushes go where no watercolor pencil could!


Thankfully her hair was intact! No squished parts or anything. Robecca transforms into Vivi!

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