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Repaint Story: EAH Hunter Huntsman


Just like the girls, EAH (Ever After High) boys have a very flat face. They look great from the front, but not so much from the side.


The lack of a defined eye sculpt makes it difficult to draw eyes but does make it easy to draw any type of eye shape. Here his eyes were outlined using a thin layer of acrylic paint to make sure that they were lined up and to get a preview of how I wanted them to look.


Hunter only requires very subtle shading and blushing for a natural look.


Flats and some gradient shading…


So flat…


But the strong, masculine jaw makes up for it!


A minor color swap with his eyes. =P

Compared to the Monster High boys, Ever After High boys are a lot buffer, wider, overall more masculine. Their bodies are almost comparable to 1/6th action figures for anyone who wants to add some variety to their doll collection.

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