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Gertrude and Ione at Etsy

I’m changing up my repaint method to use acrylics more than watercolor pencils. The downside is that it takes forever to wait in between coats, but the results are much better.

Gertrude and Ione are two little guinea pigs subjected to the new process!


Ice amazon Ione! She was in fact inspired by Beansproutmomo’s henna’d Abbey. I really don’t know anything about henna, just that I do love the way it looks and I wouldn’t have discovered it if not for Beansproutsmomo.

You can find more photos and pick up Ione at Etsy over here.


Gertrude is a very simple Clawdeen repaint with a simple violet theme. I was going for a different eye shape occasionally used on BJD’s, rather excessive or difficult to execute in smaller scale.

See more photos of Gertrude and pick her up at Etsy over here.

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