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Experiment: Plastic Curve’s Factory Paint Remover

From the same folks who brought you Andy’s beefy torso…


The six-armed torso, MH Neck peg repair kit, and other really cool body parts to customize your MH doll with comes an alternative factory paint stripper!


Our test subject:


Remove that factory paint!


I use 100% acetone to remove factory paint from soft vinyl dolls. With acetone, paint just comes right off, with Plastic Curve’s paint remover, it requires a bit of scrubbing but it does come off.

Wiped Clean!
Please ignore the black tape in the corner.
Not quite
The face was wiped clean but there’s still a faint trace of factory paint on her scalp.

Why bother? What’s the difference? Plastic Curve’s  paint remover contains citrus based ingredients and a little bit of acetone. It smells exactly like lemons so it might be an attractive alternative to anyone who can’t stand the smell of 100% Acetone or Tea Tree Oil.

I tested a bit of it to remove Abbey’s glitter and it worked surprisingly well. Because this requires a bit of scrubbing, I couldn’t quite remove glitter from hard to scrub areas like joints or anything with curves.


What do you do with a de-glittered Abbey? You paint Henna on her.

Henna'd Abbey
Try Henna, she said. It’ll be fun, she said.

Small crevices like Abbey’s toes or areas where the glitter was abundant left some whitish residue as if the plastic had melted, but not as bad as using pure acetone. Abbey’s torso as seen in the photo above was sanded to even out the seams. Flat areas like Abbey’s thighs, belly or arms were stripped clean of glitter and came out smooth. I had the hardest time removing the glitter around the neck area and ended up sanding it entirely since I ran out of the test sample.

The Plastic Curves paint remover is not officially out yet so be sure to check out their website for updates regarding availability or if you have any questions!

Thoughts? Questions? Put a bird on it? Lemme know!

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  1. Really strong remover! Honestly, I’ve never thought to “erase” Abbey’s glitters, apart from sanding the body 🙂 Thanks for this little review 🙂

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