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Danica and Esmeralda at Etsy

I got a little crazy trying out new methods and techniques which resulted in Danica and Esmeralda.

IMG_9272I usually keep eye designs simple. If irises have too much detail in them, subject matters just tend to look creepy. Danica seems to have proved me wrong. I’ve only ever dared to make highlight shapes or very flat colors as seen on the following gals:



If you’d like to see Danica up close, check her out at the gallery. She is also available at Etsy. I’d actually like to do without the artificial highlight detail since in person, the gloss all ready gives that impression but I also feel that without it, eyes tend to look a little soulless. Danica will be the first of future dolls to feature an unusual eye design!

IMG_9263I very rarely encounter Cleo so this is for the Cleo fans out there! She’s a really difficult girl to work with since her sculpt just outright dictates how it wants to look. You can check out Esmeralda at the gallery and pick her up at Etsy.



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