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Repaint Story: Edume Sickle

I’ve been trying to experiment a little bit more using brush on sealant and moving away from colored pencils a little bit. Sharp details like broken glass and cracks aren’t quite as good as watercolor pencils because of the chalky texture.

Today’s subject is half of the Sickle sisters, Edume Sickle. She’s supposed to be shocked from having her left eye shattered. I changed my brush on sealant mixture a little bit which caused the resulting surface to be a little shiny with Matte Medium added.


My current brush on sealant mixture includes Liquitex Airbrush Medium, Matte Varnish, Matte Medium and Flow Aid. The airbrush medium helps the mixture stick to the surface… which also means it’s extremely sticky so you have to make sure your work table is clean! Flow Aid helps thin the consistency and Matte Varnish and Matte Medium is what helps give it that Matte look. The Matte Medium is included to help level the resulting surface but I think it might also be causing the shiny  result.


The pastels were having a hard time sticking this time around. I let the surface cure for a whole day.


The blush doesn’t easily smudge so I went ahead and started laying down some outlines and details.


Filled in the eye balls… Added silver eye shadow using Pearl EX powder combined with matte medium.


Wasn’t very happy with the lip color so I went ahead and repainted it all in acrylics.


Defined the lips a little more…


Colored in the irises…


It’s amazing how adding the lashes suddenly makes everything come together…


Added some pink highlights to the lashes…


Start to dim her left eye using washes.


An ice girl equivalent of pink eye!


Painted the outline of the cracks. It’s a huge mess at this time…


Added shadows to the cracks…


Added washes and highlights to the cracks…


Although I like the brush on sealant for painting, my current mixture still needs a finishing sealant. The surface is just a huge dust magnet and still had the shiny sheen from the matte medium. I went ahead and applied a layer for Mr. Super Clear to finish which solved that problem immediately.

All that’s left to do is apply gloss for shine!

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  1. That’s awesome! 😀
    I think there are two of the same picture (5th and 6th) but I could be wrong

    Also can you show what kind of gloss you use?


    1. Haha, thanks! I’ve gone ahead and updated the article with the right image. XD

      I use either Liquitex gloss varnish or Mr.Color gloss (comes in small wee bottles).

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