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Converting Frankie into Iris

Iris is a cyclops girl who appears in the background in Monster High webisodes. She’s won the hearts of several fans which resulted in these gals:

Iris the 2nd
Iris the 2nd
Iris the 1st
Iris the 1st

Although the Create a Monster head is great for allowing more freedom on how the eye shape will be drawn, it’s sort of a bummer that it does not include those cute Monster High pouty lips!


I really wanted to try for sculpted lips and Frankie happens to be the closest match to Iris’ skin tone if you wanted to make a green skinned, one-eyed girl using the default MH bodies

available. Venus has the closest skin tone match but her head has too many sharp angles to actually pull off a flattened face sculpt. I also just happen to prefer Frankie’s sculpt a little bit more.

So I did try and the results were not quite what I wanted but I did learn a lot of things from:

– Frankie’s face couldn’t be flattened as well as Lagoona’s. There just wasn’t enough plastic cushion to actually allow the face to get a flattened sculpt.

– Apoxie sculpt sticks to plastic amazingly well. I was against this due to Apoxie hardening into a very rigid sculpt which could potentially be a hazard but it worked surprisingly well.

So, what does an Iris with a mouth sculpt look like?


I’m not quite satisfied since I couldn’t paint her precisely the way I wanted to. I had to settle for flats because the plastic gets a little scuffed when sanding and flattening. The little nicks are more obvious if you want to try out delicate details, hence solid colors similar to factory defaults.

I’m not really sure anymore which MH girls would be compatible for cyclops conversion but so far Lagoona and Abbey are on that list. Still, Create a Monster Lab sets are ideal if you want to go for a cyclops girl.

She will be the only Iris with a mouth sculpt I ever do, any others will have to use the CAM lab girls. If you’re interested, you can pick up this Iris at Etsy!

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