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WIP: Another Skeletal girl in the works


I’m currently working on this beautiful Tonner girl, a first for me. She will soon be joining her fellow sisters Skull Spectra and Scary Skelita.


Here’s what she initially looked like before she was wiped.IMG_6865

Since this was my first time working on Tonner dolls, I looked up how to disassemble them. At first, both the body and the head feel like they’re made out of the same material but the head feels like a stiffer, high quality vinyl that gave way under hot water. The body feels a lot like ABS. I don’t really know how to disassemble the body so it ended up with what you see above.

I wanted a smooth transition between the skin and the skeleton view. I erased the parts that were going to be bones.IMG_6868

Further definition by sketching out what to do with watercolor pencils!

Meanwhile, below is the result of the Dragon tattoo I was working on for practice.IMG_6888

It was actually kind of weird transitioning from tiny little bodies up to 1/4 scale.


Tiny brushes works extremely well but I may need to use regular brushes for Ms. Tonner.

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  1. These are amazing! 😀 I am [attempting] wiping off the faces of two CAM girls so I can start sculpting on them and customizing them.

      1. Not the flat one yet. I’m working on Asari/Namek twins. I’ll be sculpting the tentacle things, antennae and the bulging eyebrows. As well as maybe some body enhancements. I also plan to add the Namekian markings to the body. Maybe no as much as a true Namek but like the pink linings.. Oh and Asari are from Mass Effect, Nameks are from the Dragon Ball series. The two girls I have are the witch with the design lab’s hands and the three eyed ghoul with a blue Mattel body/upper limbs. So far I’ve sanded down the bodies and limbs and taken the factory face off. The nail polish I used really stinks at taking off faces but I’ll be sure to find better if I continue to customize!

        Thanks for the interest ;D


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