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Tutorial: Rerooting CAM heads

This is an extension to the patching vinyl gaps and holes on Monster High dolls. This tutorial is going to cover the process for prepping CAM heads for reroot.

What you need

Just as the previous tutorial, we’re going to use Liquid Fusion as a binding agent.


For this tutorial, we will be needing needle nose pliers (or any kind of skinny, thin pliers); cutter and something called Sikerukun Clay which will be used as the vinyl donor.


Sukerukun is a transparent, plastic clay usually used for miniature clay food. It’s kind of pricey and available only in a few specialty stores. So far, the best place to find them is at Etsy.

I honestly don’t know what Sukerukun is really made out of but it does dry into a plastic type material very similar to the soft plastic MH doll heads are made with. It’s essentially waterproof once it dries.

You can mix in some paint with the clay while it’s soft to match with the doll’s skin color so it doesn’t need painting later on. Form the clay into a thin sheet to match the hole created by removing the hard cap from the head. You can trace the hard cap’s shape over it to get a more accurate shape.

Plug that hole!

We will be using a Puma boy for this example. He’s will be transformed into Andy Beast.


Squeeze the head until the soft vinyl gives way from the hard cap.


In some cases, you’ll be fortunate that the plastics will just separate with minimal effort.


Use pliers to help pry the hard cap off.


If the soft vinyl is still sticking to the hard cap, use a cutter to gently separate them. Do not cut all the way through.


This is the ideal result: hard cap free!


Once you have the hard cap off, trace the shape on your Sukerukun clay so that it matches with the CAM head hole. For visibility, I didn’t color the clay for this tutorial. Use some Liquid Fusion to attach Sukerukun or cover any cracks.


Presto! You can now reroot your CAM heads with your preferred reroot method. This one used the reroot tool method.


Here’s an Iris too!



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  1. Thanks so much for this, I’ve been wondering for ages how to replace that hard plug! Just a question though, as the Sukerukun is pricey (particularly as noone seems to sell it in the UK so I’d have to pay even more for shipping) could you use just liquid fusion like you did in you ‘patching vinyl holes’ tutorial? Or is the hole here just too big?

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