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Tutorial: Painted Tattoos

The problem with printable tattoos is that you can never get them to adopt uneven surfaces very well. In such cases, you’re better off painting tattoos. For such a task, watercolor pencils and acrylic paints are perfect for the job.

First, make sure you seal the body with a sealant. For this example, MSC was used. Use watercolor pencils to sketch out the design. No need to make it too detailed and try to use colors that the finished tattoo will be using.


Once you have sketched out your tattoo design with watercolor pencils, paint it over with acrylic paint.


The watercolor pencils still leave chalky, rough sections. If a rough, chalky look is what you’re going for, stop right here and seal your work. If not, wait for the acrylic paint to dry completely and very carefully wash the body. The watercolors should wash off leaving the painted areas intact.


You’re still going to have some rough patches after washing the watercolor pencils off so just go over uneven patches and repaint them as needed.

Once you’re happy with the design, seal your work again and you’re done!


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