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Repaint Story: Bratz!

I was given the task of copying the default Bratz look and getting it as close as possible to what their default looked like. Judging by the image below, which of the three looks like a normal Bratz doll and which are the repaints?


The one in the middle is a normal Bratz doll I used as reference. The challenge was not just achieving a flat, printed look but actually making it look like a Bratz doll. This was my first time working with a Bratz doll so I used the watercolor pencil outline method to try and get the features as accurate as possible.


I used an AP WG Insane Detail Brush to trace the outlines.


The eyebrows were particularly hard to get right. Thankfully with the outline method, you can just wash the watercolor pencil part off and start over!


I had to thin out my paints to a milky mixture using a combination of medium, flow aid and water. Even though the mixture starts out looking like a wash, multiple applications eventually give you a flat, smooth look just like factory default.


I probably should have done the blush first but this being my first time working with Bratz, I wanted to see what she looked like so the blush was applied exactly where they were.


I didn’t want to smear the blush so this layer was later sealed with MSC and repainted.


Well, you can still sorta tell that it’s hand painted… =3


I used a method on a 2nd girl with better results. Using Pearl EX to get the shiny sheen is still something I need to get used to. Even though you can’t see the brush strokes, you can see uneven swaths of the pearl sheen that don’t really show up until after the paint has dried completely.


Sweet Brunette…


Sassy blonde!

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    1. Of course! These guys were specifically requested to have the default makeup style but I’d be happy to paint a Bratz doll in my style if I were given the opportunity. =)

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