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WIP: Zombified Ghoulia

Follow along for how zombie Ghoulia was done! If you haven’t already check out the following articles for my repaint process:

IMG_5580Start off with Ghoulia’s face completely wiped with 100% acetone!

IMG_5615After an application of Mr. Super Clear, outlines of her face are roughly drawn in.

IMG_5619Further work with colored pencils…

IMG_5626Blush work with soft pastels in violets, browns and greys.

IMG_5633Another application of Mr. Super Clear to seal the blush work. Later, colored pencils were used to redefine parts like the open scar and eyes.

IMG_5636Used a little bit of Liquid Fusion to add some texture to Ghoulia’s open scar.

IMG_5638Acrylic paint to lay down the solid colors after the Liquid Fusion dries.

IMG_5640More definition using acrylic paint.

IMG_5645More acrylic paint definition. After the acrylic paint dried, I used pencils to define her face more.


More painting!

IMG_5651After some more minor blush work using soft pastels and water color pencils, work was sealed.

IMG_5753Glossed the blood, open wound, eyes and lips… and you’ve got a scary Ghoulia zombie!

If you’d like to see more photos of her, check her out at the gallery.

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  1. When I saw the final product, I would have sworn that you had melted the plastic in the face. That detail is amazing! What brand of colored pencils do you use?

    1. Thanks a lot! =) I try to use optical illusions whenever possible. I use Prisma watercolor pencils. There’s a complete listing of the materials I use on my commission page.

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