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Robot Robecca

Robecca Steam is perhaps the most detailed Monster High doll to come out. Taking on the steam punk theme, they didn’t hold back on the details of her body. It was common for releases of Robecca to have a bald spot right where her goggles are but I got lucky that mine didn’t have that problem but seems to have really thick hair!

I wanted a more “robot-like” Robecca so I thought of giving her gears for eyes. They looked eerily creepy so I decided to add fake lashes to soften the look.

I hated working with fake lashes since it was really difficult to put them in place. I tried out individual ones which actually made applying them a lot easier. The benefit of using individual lashes is that you can apply sections which means no wasted lash!

They didn’t skimp on details on Robecca’s outfit and accessories either though the color scheme would’ve used a bit of improvement. I’m staining the pieces a bit to make her look very old fashioned!

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