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Experiment: Glow in the dark effects!

After I saw Last Piece by Destiny Blue, I couldn’t get the image out of my head and wanted to somehow make it real. Below was the result!

I’ve never had good experience with actual glow in the dark acrylic paint since they tend to leave a thin coating that barely even glows in the dark. So I figure I’d try and make my own by using glow in the dark powder, the same stuff mixed in resin to make glow in the dark shoes. The powder itself gives off a solid glow and lasts quite a while after exposure to light. I made my own glow in the dark acrylic paint by mixing the glow in the dark powder with medium and matte varnish.

I don’t like the rough texture but it’s pretty amazing to see in person which is why I speckled her body to distract from the rough surfaces caused by the glow in the dark mixture. Below is a little video I took of what it looks like. She has actually been glowing a good bit before this was shot. The glow was pretty bright in person but doesn’t seem to pick up very well in the camera.

Creepy ain’t she? Now if only DollyHair could bring back their glow in the dark hair…

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  1. I am inspired by your work. you don’t cover up the doll ’till it’s unrecognizable, but you enhance the beauty it already has.

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