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Experiment: Sculpey hair for MH boys

I adore the first male Monster High CAM release but I really hate the wig they come with and I doubt that we’ll be seeing very many releases of decent parts and accessories for them in the future.

Below is an attempt at making a polymer clay wig based on Grims Charming.

I’m very happy with the results and looking forward on trying out other styles! I might try something for the girls too. It certainly allows more room for exotic hairstyles that are too difficult to do using just hair.

I used a plaster cast of the skull so that I could apply pressure while sculpting the hair and to make sure that it fits perfectly. I’m using the wig’s rigidness to help keep it in place since I don’t have material similar to the little pegs that come with the wigs to help keep the wigs in place.

I’ve also recently been experimenting with casting parts by practicing on making shoe parts since they’re simple enough. I’ve still got a lot to learn but hopefully I can be good enough so that I could cast wig caps to make it faster for me to make multiple wigs! I’m also hoping I could convert the base from polymer clay to a flexible plastic to reduce damage.

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