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Rebodied MyScene

I decided to revisit MyScene dolls since it looked like their heads would make a good match on Monster High bodies for natural skin tones. I found that the Kennedy and Barbie have an exact skin match with Cleo while Madison, Chelsea and Nia match Clawdeen.

Below is a Madison head on Clawdeen’s body. MyScene dolls have long, pointy chins that needed to be filed down.

Here’s a Delancey on one of my experimental bodies. The blush had the same exact color as her skin but changed upon using Triple Thick as a sealer. I decided to try it out based on a reader’s recommendation. It works great! It’s the first sealer I’ve used where the paint doesn’t chip!

Applying some Mr. Super Clear flat over it helps lighten the skintone back but it’s still too orange for her light skin tone. It’s probably a good match for Barbie and Kennedy though since it looks pretty close to Cleo’s skin color.

Overall, MyScene looks really good on Fashionista bodies. If they are ever brought back, I hope they’re on these jointed bodies.

I still don’t like MyScenes but they do look nicer with some minor mods to their head sculpt.

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  1. I like the My Scene’s. When I first got into the dolls as an adult it was with the OOAK Barbies. I collected quite a few My Scene repaints. In fact, the last of my OOAK Barbies is a My Scene repaint by Dolls by Jasmar. For some reason she didn’t sell, but I am o.k. with it. I sold them all to make room for my bjd’s and then my new obsession the MH’s. I really like these hybrids, Angel 🙂 I think the heads look great on the bodies. It is cool to see a slightly different face on them.

    1. That’s really impressive to have something of Jasmar. =D

      MyScenes look lovely but I think a lot of people dislike the concept behind them since it reminded them of celebrities like Paris Hilton. I personally would have preferred if they had stuck with the Fashion Fever line and just expanded on that.

      I’m very fond of the MyScene head to body ratio but the lips need to get toned down. I need to sand the one I have on that other hybrid. =3

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