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Monster High outfits

I discovered Monster High dolls last year from Flickr through “repaint” artists, Kamarza in particular. She has a very distinct style that’s whimsical and bring out the character in dolls. I love her work!

Customizing Obitsus were expensive so I settled for using Monster High dolls as a cheaper alternative. They were also articulated, I love their unusual body design and they each have their own distinct head mold.

I love repainting them! With the unique head molds, you never really know what you’re going to end up with. Here are my early tries at repainting MH dolls:

draculara-03 cleo-03 Custom DotD Clawdeen Lagoona Blue Monster High OOAK repaint

Recently I’ve also been given the opportunity to create Grimms Charming characters:

Emilia Belles Wolfe Morbida Sea Witch Annila


Due very much to their uncommon body shape, it’s really difficult to find clothes that fit them. So far I’ve found that most of my Obitsu 21cm dolls’ outfits fit okay sometimes but they usually end up looking very baggy due to how skinny these dolls are. It’s a shame since there are a few Barbie sized outfits that could possibly look really good on these dolls but I don’t have the patience to sew by hand or invest on a sewing machine to make proper adjustments or clothes… I wish I did.

That’s where crochet comes in! They look really good on these dolls, almost elegant or as if they were meant to wear them. Granted you use the smallest possible thread you can tolerate, they look good since they fit to scale. I really love how they came out on Morbida and Annila from my latest batch of Monster High Customs.

I’m not really good at designing textures for crochet outfits but I’ve got a pretty good idea of the kind of shapes that I want to achieve. It’s really easy to make precise, body hugging outfits using crochet for these dolls.

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