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Lolli Dollies

Lolli Dollies are one of a kind dolls created by Katie Wood. I admire the design concept for these dolls since they’re so simple yet their outfits are lovingly made in detail. You’ll really appreciate it when you hold one in your hands.

Beady little eyes... Is she plotting something?

Tokou was created for me by Katie in exchange for an amigurumi Lolli Dolli that I’ve made.

I like to experiment with different types of amigurumi bodies and I thought I’d try a Lolli Dolli since the design was simple and cute. In exchange, Katie offered the lovely Tokou.

Tokou is very simple compared to most Lolli Dollies which usually have gothic or cyberpunk themed outfits. Her outfit is a simple Lolli Dolli shirt, pants and stompy boots.

Stompy boots!

The boots for me is the highlight for this doll. I’ve never seen such elaborate detail ever put into plushies since I found out about Lolli Dollies.

Just look at that detail! Most plushies have a lot of detail put into their outfits or hair, but the shoes are usually ignored.

Although I haven’t tried to remove them, they look and work just like real boots. There are tiny little holes and laces.

Lolli Dollies make perfect presents and great for doll or plushy collectors. These guys are just so adorable in real life. Please drop by at Katie’s website and check out her other dolls or order one of your own!

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