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Welcome to No Nap Time!

I’ve decided that it’s about time my amigurumi adventures went on to have its own domain. I’m still going to be working on comics and artwork at PearDream so all the amigurumi and craft related projects will be available here instead of my old blog.

In 2009, a friend’s sister exposed me to amigurumi. She introduced crochet toys that weren’t just simple critters but intricate and colorful ones that ranged from food, plants, celebrities, cartoon characters, and monsters. Amigurumi make unique, personal presents which my friends enjoyed. I’ve never looked back since and the revived interest in crochet has also expanded in making attempts at designing clothes for Barbie sized dolls.

I use size 10 crochet thread which results in relatively small, palm sized amigurumi. Amigurumi is usually created using worsted yarn but I’ve grown to prefer using crochet thread instead due to a better selection of colors.

“No Nap Time” was coined from a sound file a friend used as his ringtone. It involved his kids giggling (probably dodging and running around too) as they were reluctant to go to bed. His kids have a knack for coming up with catchy phrases.

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  1. I loved the work you did for my one doll, Onimaru Miki! I also bought your phone strap charm, Kyubey. The material is long lasting and the stuffing is soft, not too stiff. Also, i love the detail you give to your work. Satisfied customer!

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