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Part 3 – How to read amigurumi patterns

Amigurumi patterns usually come in the following forms:

  • Regular: These patterns are written out and usually easier for beginners since they are detailed and riddled with explanations. Here’s an example of a regular pattern.
  • Row charts: These are more organized and abbreviated version of regular patterns. I use a variation of this and prefer it to regular patterns since it’s easier to glance at as you work.
  • Charts: These are graphical representation of patterns. They are common to Japanese patterns which contains symbols and notations.

It’s useful to be familiar with all three forms since there are occasionally patterns which have them combined to have a better understanding of the pattern.

Most patterns contain abbreviations. Some pattern designers will specify their own abbreviations. The following are commonly used abbreviations used in amigurumi patterns. A more thorough list is available at Lion Brand’s website.

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