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Aoi at Etsy

I finally had the chance to repaint Lagoona Blue's alternate version from the Haunt the Casbah line. I really love her deep blue skin tone! You can see more photos of Aoi at the gallery. She is available at Etsy.

Cyclops girls!

Here are more snapshots of cyclops girls! Penelope and Iris 2 hanging out. I hope Kyubey didn't talk them into making any wishes... That Kyubey is sleazier than a used car sales man, yes he is. Penelope and Iris joined…

WIP: Penelope

She's not much of a looker right now but hopefully she'll become more of herself once I've finished painting her. Carving soft vinyl is a tricky task since you have no clue how much to cut off without a point…

WIP: Practice, practice!

I was given the opportunity to paint a Tonner girl whose vinyl is a little bit more high quality than MH girls, which also means it's a bit more sensitive to taking in paint. I worked on a few girls…

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