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Seiryuu on Ebay

You've watched some of her progress in the past and here's your chance to own her! Seiryuu is available at Ebay. 15% of the final sale price is going to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Seiryuu will come with this beautiful…

Hestia and Jade at Ebay

Hestia and Jade are currently available at Ebay. Hestia is a shy but blunt when it comes to love. You can find more of her at the gallery and pick her up over here. Jade is a quiet beauty. You…

Silver and Venus at Ebay

Who's that? Looks like Venus caught herself a bishounen. Pick up Venus at Ebay over here. You can see more photos of her at the gallery. Silver is available over here. You can find more photos of him over here.

Sweet Wilhelmina at Ebay!

Are you into puppies? Dancing? Robots? Wilhelmina is the girl for you! She's got cool, color-changing hair so you know when she's overheated... Did I mention that she loves puppies a lot? Pick her up at Ebay or check out…

Ilya and Lethe at Ebay!

Party day or night with Ilya and Lethe! Pick up Ilya over here. Find more photos of her at the gallery over here. Pick up Lethe over Pick up Lethe over here. Find more photos of her at the gallery over here.

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