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Ashlynn, Abbey and Heath at Etsy!

It's Friday! For Ashlynn Ella, that means shopping for shoes after school! Check her out at the gallery and catch her at Etsy! Meanwhile, Abbey's keeping an eye on Heath to make sure he doesn't burn down the classroom for…

Gertrude and Ione at Etsy

I'm changing up my repaint method to use acrylics more than watercolor pencils. The downside is that it takes forever to wait in between coats, but the results are much better. Gertrude and Ione are two little guinea pigs subjected…

Monster High Hair Matches

Hello everyone! This is Shannon, owner of Retro Dolls US. NoNapTime has invited me to share a few articles and tutorials on different things about customizing, so I thought I'd pop in and say hello :) One of the most…

Cyclops girls!

Here are more snapshots of cyclops girls! Penelope and Iris 2 hanging out. I hope Kyubey didn't talk them into making any wishes... That Kyubey is sleazier than a used car sales man, yes he is. Penelope and Iris joined…

Snowflake at Ebay

Snowflake is now available at Ebay! You can find more photos of her at the gallery and pick her up at Ebay:

Dancing Queen and a Sleep Over Party!

New girls are up on Ebay! Frost and Emily are having a sleep over party! Clawdeen:  Abbey: Slumber party! Catch a dancing queen! Find more photos at the gallery. Ebay:

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