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Witch Charlotte
Charlotte is one of the witches from Puella Magi Magica Madoka. She is best known for having fought with Mami Tomoe.

I’ve always thought she’d make a cute doll so planning for this Amigurumi took a long time. It was difficult to find a very good reference photo since there’s actually two versions of Charlotte:  a) The one who fought with Mami;  b) A yin yang type design found on the official website which refers to her witch card. Her colors are not quite available in crochet thread so I settled for the closest ones available.

This design is based off the version that fought with Mami. I made both her head and pants in pink but her pants really ought to be a much darker hue. I like her long sleeves a lot. I used bamboo thread for it so that it really swishes limply when you move her around. Her eyes are made out of felt though I would rather have used safety eyes if I could.

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