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Peacoat For Monster High Dolls

A crochet pea coat designed for Monster High dolls. The coat can also fit Obitsu 21/23/25cm bodies. The pattern was specifically designed to work with the exaggerated curves on Monster High bodies but it should work for other dolls with similar proportions.

I’m hesitant about using the “written out” crochet pattern format since it’s so easy to lose your place while you’re following the directions as you’re working. I added illustrations which I hope would help in aiding with construction progress.

Bamboo thread is recommended for this project since it’s stretchy and soft, appropriate for MH-scale outfits. Regular cotton threads of the same size might make the outfit too stiff, especially at the joints.

This pattern is available for free. Why purchase a free pattern? By purchasing this pattern for $2.00 you help pay for hosting and updates for No Nap Time. Thanks for the support!
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